What You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Face Lift

With the diversification of medical aesthetic treatment methods , non-surgical face lift methods have also increased. Extremely successful results can be obtained with non-surgical face lift applications, which provide the removal of sagging and wrinkles on the face due to various factors such as aging , genetic predisposition, exposure to sunlight and skin structure .

What You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non-surgical facelift procedures, which reduce the need to resort to surgical methods for facelift, can create a significant rejuvenation effect on the face. While sagging to a certain extent , lines and wrinkles can be removed, skin rejuvenation can be achieved thanks to multiple effects . 

The effects of non-surgical facelift procedures, which are usually performed with local anesthesia, remain for a certain period of time. Extremely comfortable before, during and after the procedure. The fact that they are performed without any incision prevents the formation of complaints specific to the healing process in the post-operative period.

Rope Face Lift is One of the Most Popular Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods

Thread facelift, also known as French suspension, is one of the most preferred non-surgical facelift methods. Special threads are placed under the skin during the application, which can create a V-shaped face Thread facelift results , which increase circulation in the application area and trigger collagen production, appear one to two months after the application.

Skin tightening and rejuvenation can be achieved with Laser Lifting

The laser lifting method, which is carried out by transmitting laser beams to the epidermis in a controlled manner , is among the most preferred non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Fractional laser is used in laser lifting treatment . With the fractional laser, changes can be initiated in both the upper and lower parts of the skin. New collagen production is triggered, skin quality is increased, and skin sagging can be eliminated with the start of the repair process. Combining the skin rejuvenation effect with lifting, the treatment is applied within the sessions. In order to achieve maximum tightening, the sessionThe number of people should be planned individually. 

Liquid Lifting Filling Application is Made with Special Techniques

Liquid lifting, also known as liquid face lift treatment ; It is among the non-surgical face lift applications that are frequently preferred for face lift purposes . Fillers are injected into the designated areas during the application, which can be safely preferred for the skin sagging problem caused by the weakening of the connective tissue in the skin and the decrease in elastin and collagen production . Facial rejuvenation effect can continue for 12-18 months with liquid fillers that last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Subcutaneous Fat Tissue Is Not Damaged During Satin Face Lift

Satin face lift, which is a technique performed using hybrid energy, focused ultrasound, radiofrequency and acoustic wave technologies, aims to improve skin quality. Simultaneous benefit from radiofrequency and ultrasound energies can be achieved during a satin face lift, which does not have a reducing effect on the patient's subcutaneous fat tissue . The application, which can only be performed using certain devices , has an anti-aging effect as well as a face lift effect .

Facial Mesotherapy Can Be Effective For Minimal Sagging

Facial mesotherapy , which reduces the signs of aging on the skin and offers an anti-aging effect with the minerals, vitamins and amino acids it contains , makes it possible to remove minimal sagging. After the treatment, the number of sessions is determined individually, fine lines and wrinkles can be removed. Mesotherapy can also be applied to the face, neck and jowl area. Mesotherapy, which regulates blood circulation in the skin, triggers collagen production and increases skin elasticity, can be performed alone or together with applications such as  botox filling .

Sometimes Face Lift Surgery May Be The Only Remedy

Although non-surgical facial rejuvenation applications are extremely diverse and effective, it is not possible to achieve the targeted result in every patient group. In case of very deep wrinkles and significant sagging, aesthetic surgery continues to exist as the only and most effective solution.

In order to reduce the need for facelift surgery, it is recommended to maintain skin elasticity, maintain the continuity of collagen production and start the anti-aging effect as early as possible with non-surgical facial aesthetic applications.

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