Under Eye Light Filling

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Under Eye Light Filling

Under-eye bruises increase for different reasons such as aging, fatigue, genetic predisposition, smoking, sleep problems and neglect of eye care. These cosmetic problems, which cause the person to look old and unhappy, can be largely eliminated with under-eye light filling. 

Under-eye light filling, which is among the most preferred medical aesthetic applications by both women and men in recent years , is a non-surgical treatment method applied to reduce pitting, volume loss and bruising under the eyes.

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What is Under-Eye Light Filling?

In order to eliminate dark circles, bruises and volume losses in the under-eye area ; The medical aesthetic treatment performed by injecting the filling materials specially formulated for use in the under-eye area with blunt-tipped cannulas using special injection techniques, is called “under-eye light filling”.

Under-eye light filler is applied to the part that causes dark shadows in the area between the eyes, nose and cheekbones . The application, which provides extremely successful results in selected patients, brings many benefits.

With under-eye light filling;

  • Volume losses that cause dark reflections under the eyes can be reduced,
  • Under-eye bruises can be lightened,
  • A luminous effect can be achieved in the under-eye area,
  • The appearance of under-eye bags can be reduced.
  • The elasticity of the skin of the region may increase.

There is hyaluronic acid in the filling material injected into the area during under-eye light filling . Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it is possible to strengthen the skin barrier while meeting the moisture need of the area . 

Before the application, the cream with local anesthetic effect is applied around the eyes. After the cream with local anesthetic effect shows its effect, injection is performed with blunt-tipped cannulas . The application is completed in approximately 15-20 minutes.

It is extremely comfortable after application. Slight swelling and bruising in the area is normal, these side effects tend to disappear within 1 week. Make-up should not be applied on the day of the procedure, and showering with hot water should be avoided.

Under-Eye Light Filling Should Be Applied to the Right Patient Group

With under-eye light filling , effective results can be obtained against minimal bruises, bags and mild wrinkle formations under the eyes. However, it would not be a realistic approach to say that successful results will be obtained in every patient group.

When the bags under the eyes are very prominent and there are deep wrinkles in the area, the targeted result cannot be obtained with under-eye light filling. Lower eyelid surgery is recommended in patients with such complaints. 

Number of Sessions Is Determined Individually

The number of under-eye light filling sessions is determined specifically for the patient. In some patients, 3 sessions at approximately 3-week intervals are sufficient to achieve the maximum effect, while in some patients, a single-session application may provide the desired effect. Variables such as the person's age, skin structure, and the size of the problems in the under-eye area can change the number of sessions required.

Time Needs to Pass for Its Effect to Occur

In order for the effect of under-eye light filling to occur, the water-holding feature of the hyaluronic acid component in the filling materials must be revealed. It takes about two weeks for this. Effect duration of under-eye light filling may vary from person to person; It is known that it can last 8 – 12 months. When the effect wears off, the application can be repeated if the patient continues to meet the necessary criteria for application.

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