Simple makeup hacks from office to party!

For someone who is not used to wearing makeup, choosing which brush or color to use can be overwhelming. Here we show you the most basic makeup tips you can apply during the day, and what you can do to revive yourself before you go to an after-work party.

Simple makeup hacks from office to party!

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1. Prepare your skin
Before you start applying make-up, your skin should be clean and fresh. With a moisturizing face cream, smooth your eyebrows with an old mascara brush after applying lip balm.
2. Face
2A: Apply foundation on your face. The less you apply foundation, the better. Rub from the center of your face outward. Test first to make sure you're using the right shade of foundation. Apply foundation with a makeup brush for a professional look.
2B: Apply concealer where needed. Apply the concealer around the eyes with a soft brush. Use the same brush to work your concealer into the ears and hairline.
2C:Powder your face. Do not apply the powder on your entire face, only on oily areas such as the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
2D: Define your facial features. Foundation and concealer can easily make your face look "flat". Use bronzer to shape your face. Pull your cheeks in and apply bronzer to the fuller side of your cheeks in upward sweeping motions. Apply some bronzer to the hairline and cheekbones as well.
3. Eyes
3A: Use pearlescent cream eyeshadow to highlight the eye area. You can also apply it to the eyeshadow for an extra sparkly look. Cream eyeshadow allows powder eyeshadow to hold better.
3D:Apply eyeshadow. Coral, orange or peach eye shadows are compatible with all eye colors and leave a warm effect. Apply upwards, on the eyelid line and under the eyes.
3C: Draw a pencil on your eyes. Apply the eyeliner in dots instead of pulling it straight (you can apply it later). The line under the eye should extend from the middle of the eye to the outer corner; otherwise it will make your eyes look small.
3D: Apply brown eyeshadow only to the outer corners of the eye and use a large brush to blend in with the other eyeshadow. Feeding the headlights ensures that different lines and colored spots do not form on your face.
3E:Blend the eyeliner into the black eyeshadow. Matte black eyeshadow is not as harsh as liquid eyeliner and is great for defining eyes. Remove excess eyeshadow with a angular brush.
3F: Apply mascara. Use a mascara that lengthens and defines the lashes. Decrease the amount of mascara you apply on the lower lashes.

4. Cheeks and lips
4A: Use coral or peach blush for a tropical vacation look. Smile and apply blush with a wide brush in upward and outward motions from the fuller areas of the cheeks.
4B: Complete with lip gloss. The lip gloss is ideal for daily use. The soft sheen of a natural color like coral can be a good choice. If you want to define your lips more, you can use a lip liner. You should make sure that you get the gloss on your lips thoroughly. Remember, the colors on the lips and cheeks should be in harmony with each other.

A little more preparation for the evening
You can make the make-up you use during the day more lively in a few steps for the evening. 
Step 1.
 Color your eyelids using a brown eyeliner (do not overflow from the eyelid crease).
Step 2 Apply dark eyeshadow over the eyeliner.
Step 3 Draw the black eyeliner on your eyes. With the help of a small brush, blend the black eyeshadow into the eyeliner.
Step 4  Use the brown eyeshadow with a corner brush to color your eyebrows.
Step 5 Apply some more mascara and blush.
Step 6 Line the lips and highlight them with a darker lip gloss.
Step 7Apply concealer to areas where concealer should be used, especially around the eyes and nose.


You can use various colors as concealer. For the T-zone, choose a concealer that is two tones lighter than your skin tone; It will accentuate your lines.

To achieve the most perfect smoky eyes, you can apply a black pencil inside your eyelashes at the bottom of your eyelid. Using a angular brush, apply the black eyeshadow over the line; It will prevent the pen from smudging.

Common makeup mistakes include using the wrong color foundation and using excessive makeup. Your foundation should not go unnoticed by perfectly matching your skin tone.

Using the wrong formula foundation can also prevent you from having the most perfect look. Powder foundation should not be used for dry skin. For oilier skin, cream-based foundations should be avoided.

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