Make-up by environment

Even a woman who has no trouble with makeup has a good and bad style. However, you cannot do the same make-up everywhere. There is a difference between the make-up you will do for a family dinner and the make-up you will do for a night party. With small touches, you can gain an effective look without sacrificing your style.

Make-up by environment

You are at the beach...

Our advice is not to wear make-up on the beach during the day, but some women feel bad without make-up. If you're one of them, just use a waterproof pencil and mascara. Frame your subtle eye area with eyeliner in colors that match your bikini.

Colors such as electric blue, turquoise, aqua green look great on bronze skin. Try brown for a more natural look. Always apply a waterproof mascara to your lashes. More than that will cast a shadow on your cool appearance, and may cause stains on your skin.

You're shopping for the weekend...

It depends on your hair and make-up that what you try looks absolutely beautiful on you. The more attentive both are, the better you will carry what you are wearing. Therefore, do not go shopping too shabby. If possible, blow dry your hair and apply a natural but effective make-up.

The lights in the shopping booths are always bad for some reason, and it reveals how much flaws you have. For this reason, we recommend using a light-reflecting foundation, if available. You can apply a transparent powder on it to prevent your skin from shining.

You will get a striking and natural look with a dark eyeshadow that will cover the traces of fatigue on your eyelids and a complementary pencil. As for cheeks and lips... If you're out shopping for a party outfit, we say never miss your red lipstick and blush. For daily clothes shopping, pastel shades of lipstick and blush will suffice.

You will meet him for the first time...

We women on the first date -especially if it's someone who excites us--we usually go crazy and leave the house wearing inappropriate things and putting on make-up. But the rule is simple and "less is more". When it comes to men, it is better to ignore trends and be as plain as possible.

Of course, this shouldn't mean "don't wear makeup". On the contrary, emphasize the points you find attractive as much as possible. If you trust your lips, apply your redst lipstick; If compliments are more eye-catching, give them more meaning and depth with plenty of mascara and shadows. All you have to do is choose one of the two focal points.

You're at family dinner...

The main thing at family dinners is that you look as healthy as you are beautiful. "Are you sick?" If you don't want him to say it, get help from lots of peach and pink tones.

Apply your peach shade eyeshadow to your eyelids up to the eyebrows and distribute it well with your finger. After framing your eye area with a brown pencil, apply your brown or black mascara to your eyelashes.

Again, apply a peach or pink shimmery lipstick to your lips. For your cheeks, choose a tone close to your eyeshadow. Sweep the blush over your cheekbones, forehead, and nose with a large brush for a healthy, fresh-out look.

You are at the night party...

When the words night and party are side by side, it's free to exaggerate! Start by choosing the colors according to your outfit. Then apply your foundation to your wet sponge. Makeup experts recommend that night makeup is always wet.

You don't need to be a professional for this. You can make your make-up more durable and intense by slightly wetting all your ingredients. For example, you can spread your eyeshadow with your slightly wet finger, and create clear lines by wetting and applying black eyeshadow to your eyelashes with an eye-liner brush.

For your lips, you can turn to dramatic colors such as purple, dark brown, burgundy in winter. In summer, use your preference for pastel tones. Sunflower, orange, pink and peach tones guarantee an effective look. 

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