Everything About Nose Filling

The nose is the organ in the midline of the face that most affects facial expression. The fact that it is the organ where the most attention is concentrated along with the eyes during face-to-face communication increases the importance of the shape and structure of the nose. It is known that people who have concerns about the shape of the nose may experience a loss of self-confidence and that these people may experience consequences that may amount to social isolation. While rhinoplasty stands out as the only solutionfor dramatic deformities in the nose , people who do not have chronic nasal congestion problems and have minimal nasal defects can make peace with their mirror image with the application of nasal filling .

Everything About Nose Filling

Nasal filling is a non-surgical medical aesthetic  application. After the facial analysis of the patient is performed by specialist physicians, the filling material , which is determined in a specific amount , is injected into different parts of the nose in order to improve the shape of the nose.

Nasal filling is applied practically and is extremely comfortable. It creates a remarkable effect when applied to selected patients by specialist and experienced physicians. Its permanence may vary depending on the type of filling material injected. Unlike rhinoplasty operation , non-surgical rhinoplasty  with filling that does not cause permanent deformation of the nose ; It can be performed for purposes such as nose arch correction, improving the shape of the nose tip  and nose tip lifting  .

What is Nose Filling?

 In order to eliminate aesthetic problems in different parts of the nose, including the tip of the nose, improve the shape of the nose and increase the self-confidence of the person, the treatment applied by injecting the filling materials into the nose without performing the nose surgery is called nasal filling.

 Although nasal filling is  an extremely comfortable and effective non-surgical aesthetic treatment, it is not suitable for everyone. In order for the application to give a successful result, both the patient selection must be made correctly and the surgeon who will perform the filling application must be experienced.

Who Is Nose Filling Performed?

Nasal filling can be applied to people whose nose development is completed, who do not have breathing problems due to the curvature of the nasal septum, who do not have dramatic problems in the shape of the nose, who do not have structural deformation in their nose, and whose nose shape can be improved with small touches. Contrary to popular belief, nasal filling  is not only applied to women, but in recent years, men have also frequently applied to nasal filling applications.

 Nasal filling is not considered as the right choice for people who have significant problems in the shape of the nose and who have chronic nasal congestion due to nasal curvature. In such cases, surgery  stands out as the most accurate and effective alternative.

How is Nose Filling Made?

After the facial analysis and examinations, the areas to be filled are determined in the noses of the patients whose suitability for the application is determined. The application area is anesthetized with an anesthetic  cream, and after the anesthetic cream shows its effect, filling materials containing hyaluronic acid  are injected  under the skin . Filling materials containing hyaluronic acid  retain water in the area where they are injected and the final state of the application appears after 7-10 days.

The application is completed within 5 to 10 minutes with the effect of the cream. It is possible to return to daily life quickly after nasal filling, which can be easily performed even in limited time periods such as lunch break.

What are the Advantages of Nose Filling?

One of the most important advantages of nasal filling application is  that a remarkable change in the shape of the nose can be achieved without performing nasal aesthetic surgery in selected patients. No pain or pain is felt during the application, unlike the post- rhinoplasty process, it is not necessary to wait for the healing to occur. Nasal filling  does not leave any scars in the nose area. In addition to all these, nasal filling also offers important benefits for people who are considering rhinoplasty but have not yet made a final decision.

Is Nose Filling Permanent?

No, the nose filling process is not permanent. The permanence of the nasal filling may vary depending on the type of filling material injected and the injection technique. It is known that the permanence period can last between 1-2 years.

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