Beard Models According to Your Face Type

A correct beard style gives the person both a well-groomed and charismatic appearance. Since every man's face type is different, it is important to choose a model that suits your face type. So, how can you find the most suitable beard model for your face?

Beard Models According to Your Face Type

Why is it important to trim a beard according to the face type?

Beard style is one of the most important factors affecting the face and general appearance of men. Models that are sloppy and not suitable for face type prevent an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, it is very important to determine the beard model according to the face type and to trim the beard according to that model. We have prepared suggestions for you for beard models suitable for your face type. Come to different beard types, let's take a look together.

Beard Models According to Rectangular Face Shape

Faces where the length of the face is greater than the width are called rectangular faces. At the same time, the chin is angular in this face type. The forehead, cheekbones and chin are aligned. The most suitable beard model for this type of face shape is known as garibaldi. Garibaldi beard model helps cheeks look fuller. The beard is shortened to give a line to the section on the chin. In this way, the rectangular image on the face becomes more proportional. You can choose a suitable  to add a line to your beard model .

Beard Models According to Oval Face Shape

If the cheekbones are wider than the chin and the chin is rounded, you have an oval face shape. The oval face shape is the most advantageous face type in terms of beard shaping . Since it is a symmetrical face type, you can prefer the use of a stubble . If you do not want a short beard, you can try the bandholz beard model. This beard model, which requires a 6-month extension, is called shortening the beard and mustache with a certain rate.

Beard Models for Round Face Shapes

A round face shape is when the part from the hairline to the chin and the part from one cheekbone to the other cheekbone are the same length. This causes your face to look chubbier than it is. With the beard model suitable for your face, you can easily turn this situation into an advantage. You can choose goatee and van dyke beard models to make your jawline look longer. With these beard models, you will make your face look more symmetrical.

Beard Models According to Square Face Shape

Square facial line is the name given to faces with a hard and sharp jaw line. To add an aesthetic style to this angular look, you need to pay attention to your beard style. One of the most suitable beard types for individuals with square facial lines is goatee. Goatee helps soften the angular appearance of the face.


Beard Models by Diamond Face Shape

Face types with prominent cheekbones and narrow forehead are called diamond face shapes. For this face shape, models with mustaches are suitable. By keeping the sideburns long, you can grow a mustache and cover your chin with a beard. You can define your facial features by using a longer beard instead of a stubble. At the same time , ball beard types that combine mustache and beard are suitable for the diamond face shape.

 Beard Models According to Triangular Face Shape

The face types where the chin is wide and the forehead and cheekbones are narrower are called triangular face shapes. Triangular facial features add a masculine air to the person. For this reason, showing the chin part fuller increases the triangle emphasis. You can make the right choice by choosing beard models that will fill the chin.

  • You can choose an anchor beard, which is a pointed beard model that extends along the jaw line.
  • The balbo beard, which is a bushy beard model that does not come into contact with the sideburns and extends along the chin, will also adapt to the triangular face line.

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